My Multiple Personalities

On this page you will find my multitude of RPG characters, their personalities, and their stories. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed creating them!


Draenei Holy Priest

Laurelyn’s age is unfathomable, though she is blessed by the Light with a young countenance. She lived on Argus, though details of her time there have grown vague. She remembers the escape, the crash, and the establishing of Exodar.

Since then, she has travelled Azeroth and the other worlds it connects to, using the Light to save and heal her allies. She studied with priests across the worlds, honing her skills and spreading the Light wherever she went.

With her extensive study of the worlds and their people, combined with the wisdom of her years and travels, she became sought after by high ranking officials to act in an advisory capacity for sensitive issues. That plus her hobby of alchemy funds her love of travel and exploration.

Though she is truly good a pure in thought and act, she has started enjoying some of the finer things Azeroth and its sister worlds have to offer. Wine, music, dancing, and interesting companionship brighten her days, and she continues to travel to meet all she can.


Void Elf Frost Mage

Shunned and exiled, Xaedrys followed her master Umbric into the Telogrus Rift, awaiting a time when she may once again walk among her peers.

Time in the rift, and the struggle controlling the void, left Xaedrys cold and unfeeling. When at long last they returned to the Alliance, she no longer felt the joy she often believed she would find in the homecoming.

Her time in the rift also led her to believe that she and her kind, with their control and use of the void, made them superior to other races. As such, she remains as civil as possible but always carries a feeling of disgust when working with non-void elves.

Moist Kumquat

Night Elf Restoration Druid

Born Clara Rose, she was given the nickname Moist Kumquat by her older brother, and it just stuck.

Born into the druid ways, Moist barely remembers what it was like before she became a part of the Emerald Dream.

These days, she works part time as a hull cleaner around Stormwind and Boralus. Druids are very handy for this task with their ability to breathe underwater.

Her strongest affinity is healing, and she was often called upon by friends and family as she grew to help with sickness and injuries. She enjoys adventuring when she gets the chance, and puts her skills to work in parties and raids.

Moist has spent most of her life in cat form, that being the most comfortable of shapes for her. As such, she often forgets herself and acts more like a cat than a night elf.


Void Elf Demonology Warlock

Sister to Xaedrys, Castielyn was exiled to the Telogrus Rift long ago. When the Void Elves rejoined the Alliance, she was glad for the reprieve, and willingly rejoined the world and the Alliance.

However, her time in the Rift, surrounded by void, battling to control it, left a deep impression upon her. What may have once been a loving a charitable elf was now dark and twisted. The voices whisper constantly to her, and she exults in the power of the void, and the chaos it can cause.

Upon visitng Stormwind, she found the circle of warlocks hidden away beneath the Slaughtered Lamb. Something called to her and led her there, and she quickly joined their ranks as a Netherlord.

She has been searching for the one thing she desires most: the Twilight Canticle.

Written by Cho’gall during the First War, the Canticle is a collection of teachings of the Void, and attuning to the Old Gods. Written on the skin of pale orcs, this book was a source of ultimate power. And Castielyn craves power.


Draenei Restoration Shaman

Labhrais doesn’t remember much of her life before the crash. Vague memories of her parents holding her hands, lifting her in the air, teaching her about the Naaru. But both her parents were slaughtered before her by the Eredar, as she hid out of sight. A fleeing draenei came upon her, and took her to the ship that would make their escape from Argus. She made herself useful around the ship as she grew, learning the secrets of the engineers and assisting them as best she could. She was raised by a community of Vindicators, Exarchs, Prophets, and others that travelled with her, but the scar of her parent’s deaths plagued her like an incurable disease.

When she came of age, the Farseers started to take great interest in her, as her attunement to the elements and especially to K’ure was very strong. They instructed her in the ways of the shaman, which allowed her to not only survive, but thrive in the new world of Azeroth. She is particularly proficient with water, and her healing skills were a great boon to the ship and it’s passengers as they fled Argus.

However, things took a turn for the worst after the crash. As she explored this new world, she discovered a weakness for alcohol. Though warned heavily against drinking the inebriating beverages by her fellow shaman and draenei brethren, she revelled in the feeling of being drunk. It was the only thing she had found that could dull the trauma in her mind, reliving her parent’s murder over and over.

Labhrais can most often be found in a bar or pub, sinking thoughtfully into a mug of her favourite drink, ale. To see her fight the Eredar in particular is a awe-inspiring sight. Hatred and vengeance fuel her, and her mastery of the elements is enhanced. But at the end of it all, the grief still remains, to be drowned again in another cup of booze.


Night Elf Havoc Demon Hunter

Faerilyn joined Illidan’s ranks to help push back the legion’s attack. When she awoke much later in an unlocked prison cell, she began the fight to escape the prison with her brethren. Along the way, she reunited with her husband, Vantica, and for a moment all was right in the world. But along the way, Vantica and Faerilyn faced an onslaught of demons that threatened to overrun them. Vantica rushed into the fray, engaging the demons and sacrificing himself so that Faerilyn could escape. She made it out and to Stormwind, but still mourns her late husband.

In Stormwind, Faerilyn skulked around in shadows and alleyways, unsure of what to do with herself and not knowing any other residents around her. She became reclusive and sullen, choosing to bear a facade of rudeness and cruelty to mask her insecurities.

Although she still has the tendency to be rude and stand-offish, she tries her best to be civil.

She is extremely competitve, and a very sore loser.