There are a lot of artistic endeavors dedicated to the idea of hope. Songs, poems, paintings… even references in organizations such as the Masonic family. It is a beautiful ideal, going back so far in time it’s relatively untraceable. Pandora’s box, for example, let out all the terrible things into the world, but managed to … Continue reading Hope

Nostalgia & Stuff

It’s been rough the last little bit. Went through a massive manic phase, that was “fun” (/sarcasm). Though it did lead me to upgrade my computer and get an xbox one s, which I’ve been enjoying greatly. But then people just got to me, and a group of people I thought I could count amongst … Continue reading Nostalgia & Stuff

Nature vs Nurture

The more I analyze my childhood, trying to understand what led to my behaviours as an “adult”, the more I realize that my parents did nothing wrong. I mean, I had never blamed them, but of course psychology often dictates that it’s the environmental influences that can make a person the way they become. It’s … Continue reading Nature vs Nurture

Happy Pride!

It’s pride month, so I wanted to share some things with any who happen to come by here. I recently discovered a new subset of asexuality which really spoke to me. Although I have been cis most of my life and had many sexual partners, in recent years I have started listening to myself and … Continue reading Happy Pride!

The Islander

Whenever I hear this song, I think of my father. Though it’s likely not really his preferred style of music (he liked old school country and some rock n roll), the mariner theme and feeling of the ocean always brought my mind to him. He was one of few who, although never truly understanding me … Continue reading The Islander

Where do I begin?

As I write this I am listening to Protomen’s amazing cover of Phil Collins’ “In the Air Tonight”… it triggers in me so many memories, within so many senses.  I remember that PAX, sitting with Cheebus, listening to the Protomen play the song live.  It was always a powerful song for me, as much of … Continue reading Where do I begin?