A different mindset

We are all DIFFERENT. I mean, you can label and categorize and group and clique all kinds of people, but in the end, we’re all DIFFERENT.

I don’t mean “unique”, that’s an optimist’s way of saying it. DIFFERENT means we have a subset of a group of people that we feel more comfortable with, or relate with best.

Sometimes, in a group, or clique, or categorization or label… sub-divides into further categories/labels/groups/clique (you get where I’m going with this yet?). Which means, ultimately, an individual within a group… etc etc… still has “issues” with others inside their “pod”. And if you wanna get micro, I’m sure there are even more sub-divisions within those!

What I’m trying to say is, no one gets along with everyone. But sometimes, even if you don’t “like” a person, or they’re not your “favourite”, you need to step a little outside of your comfort zone to include them. You don’t have to be BFFs, but at least function well with them within the…. “organization” that you’re in.

Sometimes you get surprised, and someone who may have initially/first impression “turned you off” might actually be a worthwhile friend to have. You just might have to accept a few “quirks” of theirs that you might have previously felt “against”.

People are people. And we’re all DIFFERENT. And we should try to accept each other’s “quirks” as much as possible, especially beyond the unnatural social fences that we’ve been taught to hide behind.

In this world, there are less things that are labelled as “wrong” than previous generations, and we need to overcome our societal norms from the past to accept the ones of the present, and future.

Love Thy Neighbor.

I may not be Christian, but that’s one commandment I can fully get behind. Also, EVERYONE is thy neighbor. So get on it.

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