Nostalgia & Stuff

It’s been rough the last little bit. Went through a massive manic phase, that was “fun” (/sarcasm). Though it did lead me to upgrade my computer and get an xbox one s, which I’ve been enjoying greatly.

But then people just got to me, and a group of people I thought I could count amongst my friends turned their backs on me, and that kind of hurt. I’m living with the ideal that you should appreciate what you have and not worry about what you don’t. If they don’t want me to be a part of their group, then they aren’t people I want to be a part of myself.

It still wears on you mentally though, even if you shake it off and continue forward. I’ve been missing my dad a lot, so I started watching Crocodile Dundee, and it has certainly helped me feel better. Even just the music itself has soothed something in me that was feeling…. lost. I’m reminded of my father’s strength, and calm, and ability to smile through the worst of it.

I was a little sad the “urn ring” I got ended up turning my finger green so quickly, though I can’t really be upset since it WAS just a cheap buy anyways. I love the idea of it though so I may look at investing in a better quality one that I can wear all the time, to keep him with me.

In other news, I’ve been selected to be a Zone Lead at PAX West this year! I’m very much looking forward to it, although it’s getting close enough to PAX time that the nervous anticipation has started to set in.

Also, my insurance/disability provider is having me go through a therapy program that will assess my readiness to go back to work, and then we can approach my employer with any accommodations I may need. Then BACK TO WORK! Hurray!

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One thought on “Nostalgia & Stuff

  1. I’m glad to know some things are improving for you, between your position at PAX and the possibility of returning to work soon! It can hurt to be on the outside looking in when it comes to people you thought were your friends, and groups to which you thought you belonged. It’s important to value our own worth, in and of itself, and it’s heartening to see you doing that. Keep taking these steps forward; every single one of them is a victory.


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