Drama Update July 18

So update on the guild drama from earlier: I’ve been told that the perpetrator to these nasty lies was a person who was friends with the guild (and a guildie who fed the flames) who I had been chatting with in a friendly manner. He no longer played WoW and wanted me to play LoL with him and ‘the boys’. Then he started harassing me for tit pics, and even though our banter was NSFW, I got uncomfortable. I told him he was gross (to put it mildly) and he went into defensive mode.

I guess when I did the dumb thing with the other guild, he jumped on the opportunity to make me look worse, and used out of context and modified DMs from Discord. He convinced his friend, who was an active and respected member of the guild, and that friend basically ran with it to the Officers and tried to spread the blaze.

I have been told the perpetrator has now been removed from the guild and discord, and the friend given “a severe talking to”.

But besides these bits of info trickled to me by the friends who have had my back this whole time, I’ve received nothing from the GMs of this guild who saw fit to kick me out on false allegations, and block me when I tried to defend myself.

An officer who I thought was involved originally (but ended up just being a giant dickish troll about the whole thing) started messaging me and harassing me, saying I was “blaming my problems on other people” and other mentally abusive bullshit. I asked him to leave me alone and blocked him, just to log into WoW and have him whisper me there.

I took the screenshots of this harassment and sent it to the same GM who had started the whole fiasco with asking me to leave before looking into things, and got no answer. Not even a “fuck off I don’t want to deal with this”. Nothing.

The friends who had my back are now either distancing themselves from it because it’s gotten too ridiculous, or haven’t even logged on for ages. So last night I reached out to the other GM and asked if we could talk.

It *was* like 3am and they said it was a bit late at that time, which I understood, and I’m sitting here hoping they’ll actually touch base today like they said they would.

But at this point, I’ll be honest. I’m hurt, I’m confused, I’m a bit angry, not just at the dude who thought not getting tit pics was a reason to accuse someone of sexual harassment, but also how the GMs have handled the situation, and their lack of communication with me.

I’m glad to have found another guild that has a much more solid base of leadership, over a large community split over several games. They are open enough to accept my weird personality, but strict enough that there is a balance so things don’t get out of hand.

I’d really like some closure on this thing, I’ll be honest. I know rationally it’s just a game, and these people don’t matter, and I should just forget about it but…. emotionally I’m still miffed. It hurts and boggles my mind that people can treat others so callously, especially when they use religion as a means to be “better than” others. I want people to treat me they way they would want to be treated – and for me that’s with compassion, understanding, acceptance, and fairness.

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