So almost a year ago I bought a whole new set up makeup because the bits and pieces I had lying around barely used were probably at least 3 years old, and that was under-exaggerating it.

Today I was like, I’m going to stream a bit, so I should probably put some makeup on my normally salamified gremlin face and not scare away any potential viewers.

So I wash my face. And then I put on this “purifiying” cream that is supposed to be the base UNDER the actual skin tone foundation.

And I’m sitting here going, ok why do I still feel like I have a mask on? Like, I feel a fine layer of sweat across my entire face. It’s like that feeling of a drying peel-off mask.

The bottle says it takes 15 minutes to dry. It’s been 20 but I still feel… sweaty.

*touches face*

Oh. That IS sweat. Seems legit.

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