Happy Pride!

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It’s pride month, so I wanted to share some things with any who happen to come by here.

I recently discovered a new subset of asexuality which really spoke to me. Although I have been cis most of my life and had many sexual partners, in recent years I have started listening to myself and my body and allowed myself to be more asexual. 90% of my sexual partners were regrets, usually one night stands that I felt more obligated to put out for than actually wanted to. But I’m stronger now, and I’m doing just fine without sex.

It’s not that I didn’t enjoy sex, with the right people and situation. Thus the “graysexual” term feels more right because I still hope that I’ll come across someone that DOES spark that kind of interest and I can share that intimacy with them.

Of course, many who I explain to that I am asexual (especially those that are obviously hitting on me) often feel that I “just haven’t had the right dick” or think that they can “cure” me of my asexuality. Thankfully my troubles are far less than those that deal with the hate against trans persons and homosexuality, and even those who are bi or pan.

I’m proud to be a part of the queer community, and believe that with consent and caution (i.e. birth control, condoms, regular health checks, etc) sex is a very positive thing! I remember fondly those with whom I shared that wonderful experience, and am happy for others who are enjoying themselves, no matter what way that might be. (Except rape and pedophilia obviously >.<)

I’m also extremely blessed to live in a Country that tries hard to be more liberal and accepting of all persons, and doesn’t actively crucify them for their choices. Planned Parenthood is amazing beyond measure, and I hope those who support them can eventually win the fight over hate, small-mindedness, fear, and the need to control others.

I leave you with this video (currently my Ear Worm but keeping here for posterity). I believe it’s a one hit wonder by One Ton, but it’s super sex positive. Apologies for the terrible video quality, but it’s difficult to find now!

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