A Rant About Mental Health Systems

I find it so incredibly frustrating that there is so much help for those in crisis, but so very little for actually fixing ongoing issues.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m very glad that the crisis support is there, and I know that they help a lot of people through difficult times.

But when it comes to mental illness that is “functional”, it’s difficult to find help, especially help that fits a low budget, in order to actually be a more productive part of society.

And the help that IS available is so smothered in red tape that it’s extremely difficult to get, ESPECIALLY if you are suffering from a mental illness.

I just wish the system could figure itself out already. It’s ridiculous that a registered therapist costs $150/hr. With insurance, that gets you very few sessions, and without insurance that’s a lot out of pocket. Especially if you are unable to work. Disability pay only goes so far, and if you’re like me, who established a decent lifestyle when I was able to work, but am now falling behind on everything because I don’t make as much as I had.

I’m not educated in government systems to know how it could really be fixed though. All I know is that it frustrates me to no end.


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